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Hey guys, I don't want anymore issues with finding everything so here's a link to my profile;


On this you can check all the blogs as well as photos and my map of where I've been so far.

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Thailand blog

If there's still any issues finding the Thailand blog, here is the link; http://travellingjoet.travellerspoint.com/

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China is over

OK guys, I've moved on to a new country and therefore started a new blog, last time this didn't seem to affect too many people, and should just appear on my home page, but if not the new blog is called Thailand, and I'm sure if you fish around a little bit you will find it, hopefully it should just appear under this entry. Thanks for the continued support, and Goodbye China, thanks for a good 3 months.

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Last week in China :(

sunny 38 °C

Day 158 – Friday 29th June

Started the day off by going to the train station again today to get my ticket to Guangzhou, unfortunately there were no seats left and I’m leaving on a Sunday so the train will most probably be packed. I really should’ve just bought a ticket for Monday, but I only thought of that by the time I’d left, and I wasn’t sure if it would leave me enough time to get to Macau for my flight in time. I’ll probably just end up having to go back again tomorrow. Didn’t really do much with the rest of the afternoon, just sat around worrying about standing for 17 hours in what is going to be a super packed train. Then Kassie (the student staying in my hostel) got back and me, her and her mate who just arrived went out for dinner in the French part of Shanghai. It wasn’t really relevant as it was late, so couldn’t really tell what was special about it, after eventually finding a restaurant and convincing the friend (Sierra) not to buy frogs legs, we had a pretty good meal. Once we were done we headed off to a club just round the corner which was recommended to me by someone, and the place was really cool and the music pretty decent, but it was completely empty and neither of them really liked it anyway I don’t think. So her mate who’s lived in Shanghai for 4 years was like I know the best club, and of course I trusted her judgement so we went off to ‘rich baby’ which was a fucking Chinese club. This meant that there was no dance floor and it’s basically just a big bar with really loud music and you have to either buy a table or a bottle to stay. Since the cheapest bottle of alcohol was around 50 quid, and neither of them drink anyway, I was like let’s get the hell outta here, I’m not wasting my money on this place. So we left, and we were about to try somewhere else, but Kassie was tired, and I didn’t trust where Sierra wanted to go and I didn’t know anywhere myself, so on a Friday night we had to retreat around 1! Once we got back to the hostel, we just sat around chatting for a bit, and then they went to bed and I spoke to little bear online and told her my train ticket predicament so she offered to buy me a ticket online and pay for it, fucking brilliant! So just have to hope she can get a seat for me on Monday’s train and then all is good. After that I sat up talking with this stupid fucking American, as soon as I find out someone is American I lose so much respect for them because I swear every single one I meet is an absolute idiot, and this guy was drunk too! After talking shit about American politics he came out with saying that his ancestor is Jack Daniels, how believable, not only that but he was such a dick that his family moved from Tennessee and changed their name to Daniel, how convenient. Safe to say I left his presence as quickly as I was finished with my beers.

Day 159 – Saturday 30th June

Got up this morning and it was 37 degrees, way too hot to be stuck in the middle of the city, London pretty much comes to a standstill when it goes above 30! I checked my emails as soon as I got up and had heard nothing from little bear about the ticket so I decided not to take any risks and went to the station to buy a ticket for Monday, unfortunately I still couldn’t get a seat! Once I got back, she’d sent me a message and she’d bought the ticket, brilliant what a waste of a morning then! At least I will have a seat for the train on Monday now. Sat in bed for the rest of the day, as it was just too hot to go outside, and I didn’t really have anything to do anyway. At 7 I went in to the centre to meet up with Kassie and Sierra and one of Sierra’s mates, Rachel. I was told we would be having dinner so I hadn’t eaten, but instead we went straight to this swanky bar in a lighthouse on the river, where over the period of an hour more and more people turned up until we were eventually a group of 9. It was like hanging out with the cast of made in Chelsea or something, all these guys were young, rich socialites who clearly knew Shanghai too well. Rachel’s only 16, and looks about 25 and has already made enough friends in the business that we were sat at a table in this packed bar. Unfortunately, the bitch waitress came over every 5 minutes forcing us to buy more drinks, otherwise we would be thrown out, and Rachel’s contacts could no longer help us, so we eventually got out of there as we’d all had enough of this bloody waitress. Next we hopped in a cab to the other side of Shanghai to this super swanky lounge, where you need to know some secret password to get in, the place was so cool, unfortunately we were in a group of 9 and finding a table was impossible, so this guy just bought me a gin and tonic and we left pretty much as soon as we’d got there. Unfortunately due to the pretty secret location of this place there were no cabs on the street, so we sat down for ice cream in the most expensive restaurant ever, for me and this guy it was 20 quid for 2 scoops each! Luckily he was happy to pay, he studies in Canada so his English is really good and he’s only 18 and he’s fucking nice. After eventually managing to all get in to cabs, we headed to a club, and what a good club it was, the place was packed and we were in a group with all the best looking girls, and the music was decent. The Canadian guy just kept wanting to drink though, as he says he never gets a chance to as none of his friends can handle their alcohol and ‘he wants to drink with an English guy’ and as he was paying for drinks I could only oblige. He spent a good £100 on each of us in that club, absolutely outrageous and I was pretty drunk, still haven’t eaten all day! After staying at the club for a while, we eventually moved on to the next place, which was not so bad, but I was so drunk and I had to lean against a wall when I was dancing with this girl in order not to fall on her, smooth. So after a while I had to get out of there, and me and her got in a cab back, once we got to her place I had to just let her go home alone, that’s how drunk I was, either way I found out the next day she was only 17 and lived with her parents, so had they found me there I probably would’ve been castrated so all works out in the end. Anyway, barely managed to keep myself from passing out in the cab back, and eventually made it back to the hostel and crashed straight in to bed.

Day 160 – Sunday 1st July

Woke up with the worst hangover ever today, I just wanted to curl up and die, but around 1 Kassie knocks on my door and asks if I want to have lunch, as sick as that made me feel I hadn’t eaten in forever and it probably wasn’t a bad idea. So we ordered some food to be delivered, and when it came I paid and she was outraged, like ‘no you can’t, how much was it I will pay you back’ she’s bought pretty much all my meals the last few days and this was some cheap takeaway I paid for and she makes a fuss, crazy. It’s still insanely hot here, so we sat inside to eat and then spent a couple hours catching up with all the people from last night on QQ (Chinese msn) trying to organize a repeat for tonight. Our group was all so cool, and they all knew the best places, and just wanted to have a good time spending Mum and dad’s money. Then I went back to bed, and spent a good 3 hours just trying to sleep, but I just felt too shit so I couldn’t. Once I got up, kassie had already moved to her new place (she’s in Shanghai 2 months and her and a couple other people from her class have rented a place near here) so I couldn’t say goodbye. I went out to get some dinner, and luckily bumped in to her on the way back, unfortunately couldn’t convince her to come out tonight as she has to wake up early tomorrow, so went back to the hostel and tried to sleep again. At 9, I went out to go meet up with the Canadian guy from last night at a club at 10. Waited around for about 45 minutes, and just as I was about to give up and leave, he turned up (wish I had a phone to avoid these situations) turns out he’s forgotten his wallet at home and had to go all the way back to get it. The club is doing unlimited drinks if you buy a wristband tonight, so he buys us each one, and then starts off by buying drinks that aren’t even included in the deal (shots and beer) this guy just has too much money, can’t complain! So we have a good few free drinks there and a couple beers and shots and then leave at 12 as the place was completely dead (unsurprising due to it being a Sunday). Then we went to McDonald’s and got some dinner, and went to the next club, which was packed. He was like, yesterday wasn’t good enough, tonight you need to show me how a true English man drinks, last words I wanted to hear considering how much we’d had already, but he decided to set a target of at least 10 more tequila shots in the club. There was nothing I could do to stop him, but drink them, what a hard life! All in all he spent like £150 in that club alone! But we had a bloody awesome night, and due to the fact that I’d eaten today, I didn’t feel anywhere near as bad as last night so we had ages to just party the night away. So sad that I have to leave Shanghai tomorrow, it means I’ll be on the road out of China as well, really going to miss nights like this where people just throw money at me and all the girls just throw themselves at me, don’t think any other country is going to be quite like that. We eventually went our separate ways, and I got back to the hostel in time to catch the end of the second half of the match, 2-0 Spain, good enough reason for me to go to bed!

Day 161 – Monday 2nd July

Woke up with another horrendous hangover today, and I quite literally couldn’t pull myself out of bed in time for checkout, so I just stayed there. Eventually did make it up, and despite not feeling in the mood to eat anything, I knew I’d be hungry on the train so I went to the shop to pick up supplies, still 37 degrees here, thought I was going to faint on the way back! Went straight back in to the room to cool down, and took my time to get all my stuff together, and tried to drink enough water to feel better but it just wasn’t happening. Around 4 I headed off, not before the guys at the hostel offered me some money back to review the hostel online, unfortunately I’d already done it when I first got here and I wasn’t allowed to do it again. So they gave me a free night stay anyway and didn’t charge me for checking out 5 hours late, they also offered me beer but there was nothing I wanted less. Got to the station and went straight to the queue designated for picking up online tickets, and there it was I had a seat, thanks a lot little bear, what a relief! Unfortunately the woman wouldn’t refund my other ticket so I had to get in another queue to sort that out, after eventually making it to the front the guy told me I had to go to the south square to refund tickets. By this point I only had about 40-50 minutes before my train, so I had to run all the way to south square which took around 10 minutes, whilst having to lug around this fucking bag and headache, made it there, queued up, got to the front and the guy sent me to another window (now I was really running out of time) which was the English speaking window, got to the front of that and he sent me to the refunds window, finally I had to made it to the right queue and my train was leaving in 10 minutes. Got to the front, threw her the ticket, got my money back and ran as fast as I could, and made it on the train just in time. Luckily all the running had meant I’d sweated out my hangover, unfortunately it also meant that I was absolutely soaking wet and had to sit on a train for 17 hours. Thank fuck I had a seat as well because this train was completely packed, I could barely even push my way through the people to get to my seat! All in all today was going bloody well, I’d made so much money (from the hostel and little bear buying my ticket) I also had a seat and I no longer had a headache. Unfortunately, the rest of the train journey was fucking nightmarish, and I couldn’t sleep nor could I keep my eyes open I was so tired, the train didn’t get any less crowded, so even going to the toilet was a fucking mission! Considering it was my last train journey in China I really should’ve treated myself to a sleeper, but I didn’t come this far by being a ponse! Too sad to leave Shanghai, absolutely awesome city, nothing like other big cities in china, there were definitely too many tourists for my liking, but I fell in with a really cool crowd of Chinese guys so it didn’t affect me too much, and I’m so glad I extended my visa to come here.

Day 162 – Tuesday 3rd July

I did manage to get about an hour’s sleep after seeing an incredible sunrise on the train, I decided just to lie down on the floor, as the hard seats are no more comfortable and way more constricting. All in all shit train journey, moving on, got in around 10:30 and got on the metro to my hostel. That part was easy, finding the hostel was an absolute mission, it was so hidden away, and walking around with my bags in the middle of the day here where it’s just as hot as Shanghai wasn’t very enjoyable, at least all my clothes stank already from last night’s antics. I did manage to find the hostel in the end, but the person hadn’t checked out yet, so I had to sit around and wait for a bit before I could finally lie down in a bed! Had a shower, which felt amazing, then hit the hay, the beds here are tiny, and mine is right below the AC which meant it was just too cold, so despite having not slept at all last night I only managed to get about 3 hours sleep. Just really want to lie down and pass out for a day to catch up on the last few days, but I’m just overtired and really apprehensive about leaving China, and I just can’t sleep! Once I got up, I got some food, and looked in to how I’m going to get to Macau to get my plane tomorrow. Basically between here (Guangzhou) and Macau, there is a place called Zhuhai which charges £50 to enter, and you have to go through it to get to Macau, fucking brilliant! The only reason I got a flight from here is because it’s cheap, if I have to pay this £50 then it was completely not worth all the hassle to come down this far South. So after trawling the internet and asking the hostel I just couldn’t get a definitive answer on whether or not I would be able to get to Macau without paying for it. At least there are buses pretty much every 20 minutes which go down to the border between there and Macau, so that won’t be an issue. There’s nothing I can do, but hope and try not to worry about it. So I just spent the rest of the evening catching up on stuff on my laptop, watched some TV and just sat around in the hostel relaxing. I eventually went to bed around 1 but I just couldn’t sleep, despite literally having had no bloody sleep I can’t get this fucking Zhuhai situation off my mind, and I keep thinking about having to leave China and blah blah, anyway I’ll be on my way tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep when I spend the night in Bangkok airport, fat chance!

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Shanghai, still

Day 155 – Tuesday 26th June

I overslept my alarm this morning, I think that’s genuinely the first time I’ve ever done that in my life, just shows how bloody tired I am at the moment I guess. Either way, by the time I did get up it was too late for me to get to the visa place before it closed, so I will have to go to pick that up tomorrow. On top of that, it was pissing down with rain, so even if I had got up on time I doubt I would’ve been able to summon up the strength to go out in that weather! It’s been super cloudy the last couple days and everyone’s just been waiting for this storm to come, and I can’t emphasise enough just how much fucking rain there was all day. So I camped out in my room for pretty much all the afternoon just sitting on my laptop. Everything didn’t really kick off until about 6, I was just sitting there minding my own business when these 3 students started talking to me, 2 guys and 1 girl. It’s currently summer holidays for colleges in Chia at the moment, but they’re all here in Shanghai to study English at a special college for 2 months! God Chinese people just work way too hard, their days are 9-5:30, and they’re on holiday for crying out loud, don’t know how we can complain in England we have it way too easy I swear. Anyway, they used me for some English experience, ‘may we speak with you our English is very poor’ literally every Chinese person opens with that line, it’s too classic. So anyway we talked for a while, and I asked them if they had eaten yet and they all said yes, but said if I was hungry they would take me out, jackpot! So I assume we would just go to a restaurant around the corner, but they hail down a cab and take me to a super nice restaurant where they order some amazing food (can’t remember what it was) and despite the fact that none of them ate a thing, I didn’t pay. Boy am I gonna miss that about china! After dinner the 2 guys wanted to head back to study, but the girl felt like doing something, so we picked up an umbrella and went for a walk around Shanghai. We were trying to find something to do, e.g. a cinema or something, but eventually just walked far enough that we ended up by the river, which is by far the best part of shanghai. The views from both sides are just awesome, even if the view is ruined a bit by torrential rain, and we had to wade through the water just to get there. After a while, we were both soaked and cold, so we hopped in a cab home, guess who paid. All in all it was a really nice evening, I love shanghai at night and it’s always fun learning more about how student life is in china. Came back and sat drinking with a couple of the hostel guys, had about ¾ of a bottle of gin, whoops going to regret that in the morning.

Day 156 – Wednesday 27th June

Had to wake up early today to finally pick up this bloody visa and unsurprisingly I woke up feeling very worse for wear after last night’s antics. Managed to get myself to the visa place and picked up my passport, the visa doesn’t actually say it’s a 60 day visa, but we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it, either way everything is sorted and all I have to do is make it to Macau by the 4th of July. Came back to the hostel and went straight back to bed, didn’t get up until around 4 and then spent a couple of hours just watching shit on my laptop, and then the students all got back from school around 6. The 2 guys just went straight upstairs to the room to hit the books, I know they have to work hard but Shanghai is a cool place and it seems like such a waste to be sitting at school all day and then working all night. Saying that I don’t really get out of the hostel too much, the weather isn’t great at the moment but it’s definitely my laziness which is the overriding factor. Anyway, so the 2 guys fucked off straight away, so me and the girl just sat around, I helped her a bit with her English homework, but after a while that just got boring so we went out to get some dinner. I paid and she was like no you can’t I will buy you a meal tomorrow etc. don’t worry, it was a cheap restaurant, you need to play your cards at the right time, I can cash her offer in at a nice restaurant tomorrow. Just kidding, I’m not that evil, I don’t mind paying for dinner for her, and she’s bloody good looking at the end of the day. After dinner we went for a walk, and sat in a park for a while just shooting the shit and stuff. After a good 3 hours or so we headed back to the hostel, as it was quite late and she has to get up early for school in the mornings. So I just spent the rest of the night hanging out with that Indian guy and then went to bed.

Day 157 – Thursday 28th June

Actually did something in the day today, although it was a completely fruitless mission. I went to the train station to finally buy my ticket outta here, been hanging around in Shanghai for way too long now. Anyway I tried to get a ticket for the 1st and the guy just said no, either he had no tickets or I can’t buy them more than 2 days in advance or something, so I’ll have to go back again tomorrow. After that massive exertion of effort, I had to come back and sit down! There are so many funny things that happen in China, and I always forget to mention them, so as my days are very boring at the moment I might as well mention a really good one. For my first few weeks I China I noticed that the people always aid the word ‘nigger’ like always, has to be the most common word, but I just never asked so as I say for a good 3 weeks I just kept hearing the word ‘nigger’ and wasn’t sure if it was just blatant racism or not. Anyway, eventually someone told me it was when they would have a pause, so the equivalent in English would be hmm, as if the language isn’t hard enough they have a 2 syllable word just to have a pause in a sentence. Anyway, thought people should know that one, it really is funny hearing that word every 2 seconds, can’t get over it, even when they speak English it comes out, if they ever go to England I hope someone tells them to try and stop it, because I’m sure you could get stabbed for that in London. Back to my day, once the guys got back from school, me and the girl headed up to Nanjing road (the famous street next to the river on the other side) got a really nice dinner and then went to walk by the river. I think it was the first thing I saw when I came to Shanghai, and it really is the most important thing to see in this city, but it is way too touristy, and you literally have to push your way through people just to see the bloody river, and it was raining unfortunately. We saw the view from the other side the other day as well, and I would argue it’s actually nicer from there, because you see the famous road rather than the view from it. After the customary pictures, we headed off to go to a club. Forgot to mention, we got the metro to go there, and the girl tells me she’s never been on a metro before, as she has a driver and when he’s busy she will get a taxi! So I had no hard feelings having this daddy’s girl pay for me, in China all kids are spoilt rotten, and the excuse is the whole one child thing, they always say my parents only have one child and they don’t want anything to happen. Yes, because having a backup makes it all better, what ridiculous thinking! So for that reason she’s never been to a club either because her dad is worried about her. So I took her to a ladies’ night club so that we could get some free drinks (she doesn’t drink, so all hers would be mine) but unfortunately the club was terrible. The music was really cheesy rap and the place was pretty much empty so we left pretty much as soon as we got there. We got to the metro station as the last train left which was bloody frustrating as it meant having to get a cab all the way home. She fell asleep in the cab as well, so I had to foot the bill. All in all it was a fun night, just shouldn’t have bothered going to that club. I’ll try somewhere different tomorrow.

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