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Still bumming around in Shanghai

Day 152 – Saturday 23rd June

Had a very very lazy day today, which was nice. So I got up at 1, went and got some food then watched some TV for a bit and went back to bed at 4 for a 4 hour nap! Safe to say the day was very much wasted, once I got up at 8! After heading to the shop for some beers to spend the rest of the day sitting in the garden area all alone, I finally met some English speaking people in this place! Due to the fact that it’s currently summer holidays for students and this is the cheapest (crappiest) hostel in Shanghai, there is a vast majority of Chinese people staying here and up until now I was the only English person I’ve seen here, and overall I’ve stayed here around 10 days. Obviously before none of this was an issue due to the fact that I was with the woman, but the last couple days it has been very boring to be here. Anyway, back on track I got talking to an American guy, Sky, fucking ridiculous name yes I know and this Indian guy, Patel or something (not trying to be racist but I don’t remember his name and there’s a pretty good chance that would be it). Anyway, I really wanted to go to a club, and the American guy was up for it as well, so after drinking for a bit he was like yeah fuck it lets go, so I get up to get ready and he’s like actually I can’t be fucked! Then like an hour later we had the same story, I was up and down like a bloody yo yo. Anyway, eventually ‘the love of his life’ came online and he decided to waste his night talking to her, brilliant! Either way, I had a good evening just chatting to the Indian guy, he moved to Shanghai from Delhi for work like a year ago, so he knows a lot about Shanghai, so I’ve now got the inside scoop, still would’ve been more fun to go to a club. I think me and Sky will go tomorrow, but it’s a Sunday and it won’t be that good, so we will have to see.

Day 153 – Sunday 24th June

Due to my ridiculous sleeping schedule of yesterday, I couldn’t get to sleep until around 7 this morning, and I got up at 12, so I was bloody tired. Bring on another day of sitting around and doing fuck all! As I don’t have much to report on my life, I might as well mention one of the guys in my dorm, he’s this super nerdy Asian guy who sits in bed all day playing some game on his computer, or sleeping. It’s absolutely ridiculous; I genuinely haven’t seen him leave the room once! The guy hasn’t eaten in 3 days, he literally gets up sits on his computer (which he leaves on around the clock) shouts some stuff down his little microphone, plays for a few hours then sleeps for a few hours, then wakes back up doesn’t move or have a shower or anything, and just gets back to playing. All the stories are true about Asians, they’re happy to completely zone out of life, and get stuck in a game for days, I’m sure I’m going to find his corpse in a few days, I’ve read too many stories about people who have just died due to getting to in to a game. That anecdote over, Sky went out to the club around 9, and I was way too tired and just not in the mood, so I stayed at the hostel chatting to the Indian guy for a while before going to bed around 12 in order to get a couple hours sleep before the match. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep, so I got out of bed around 2 like a zombie and sat down to watch England play football. Unfortunately that only lasted 45 minutes and I was forced to stay up for 3 hours to watch 11 spastics chase a ball around a pitch, well worth staying up till 6 in the morning in order to watch us lose penalties. Thanks a lot boys, at least we didn’t win, playing Germany just would have been embarrassing. Finished my diary today, a grand total of 153 days and only 1 day over 5 months the journey is finally over, its potentially the best book ever written, and I can’t wait to read it back in the future, the new one is nowhere near as nice, and due to the fact that I bought it here and Chinese lines always have stupidly big spacing’s in order to fit in their characters, this one probably won’t last more than a month.

Day 154 – Monday 25th June

So after that very late night last night I had about an hours sleep before I got up again at 8 in order to go sort out this bloody visa for Thailand. At least this time I knew the way (due to my antics on Friday) so I got there just as they opened, got in filled out the form and got in the queue. All you have to do is give the guy a filled out form, a photocopy of your passport and proof of a plane ticket saying you will be leaving Thailand, and then he gives you a chitty and you pay. Unfortunately pretty much everyone in front of me didn’t get that message and they seemed to feel the need to ask fucking stupid questions and just genuinely slow everyone down. Including this one retarded Scottish woman who spent the whole time complaining about how long it was taking and then when she got to the front she asked if she could get a visa for her Kenyan husband (bit dodgy) who didn’t even have a passport! Yeah I’m sure that’s going to work, and she was like look I have proof it’s on its way now, it just won’t be ready for a few days and we need the visa now. Sorry love but they need a passport to put the fucking visa inside it!! Stupid bitch, that wasted a good 10 minutes. All in all a line which should have gone in 5 minutes took around 50. But I did eventually get to the front, after these two stupid Indians who applied for a transit visa when they were actually spending time in Thailand and not just transiting! Once I got to the front the guy tells me I need to fill out 2 forms, Ok brilliant, so I leave the queue fill out another form and get let back in the front again. Then he has a go at me for writing in red pen (there were no pens next to the forms so I didn’t have a choice) so I leave the queue again and fill out 2 more forms in a black pen he leant me. So far so good, jump back in the front give him my forms and he says ‘why did you fill out 2 forms?’ because you fucking told me to you idiot!! SO I had to fill out 2 forms in the wrong coloured pen, then fill out another 2 in the right colour, and then this fucking clown says I only needed to do one, thank you very much you asshole. After getting relatively angry at him I think he felt bad so he bumped me up on the list and said he could have the visa ready for tomorrow, rather than 3 days, result! So after an hour and a half I finally made it out of that bloody place, and came back to the hostel to get some sleep, finally! Once I got up it was the same old routine, I don’t really have any more sites I want to see in Shanghai, in honesty I’m only here for 2 things, to sort out my visas and eventually go out to a bloody club. So the rest of my night was spent just sitting around chatting with that Indian guy and then I went to be relatively early in order to get up again tomorrow to go pick up this visa.

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Let's hope Thailand is worth all the problems you've had Joe. England team; excellent defence.........rubbish forwards. What happened to your men? Ah well roll on the world cup and more penalty sham!! Keep smiling. GM&GD.

by GM&GD

Bro just go to a club by yourself if you have to, I'm sure you have the self reliance after all your alone travelling. Make the most out of Shanghai before you go apparently it is the party fucking central of China, dont sleep on that you lazy bastard!

by AlfieB

Alright, calm down. I went to a club yesterday which was highly recommended to me but it was shit! It was ladies night though and I was with a girl so got free drinks, not all bad. Trying another one tonight then tomorrow and probably the day after. Too much choice and evryone says different places to go, and they all have different tastes and shit.

by travellingjoe

So............Italy could't score against England but got 2 against Germany. As I said; we had a great defence! Comments? GD

by GM&GD

haha yeah good defence or good luck. Balotelli's second was a carbon copy of a chance he had against us where he was clean through but just fucked it up. Everyone says it but it's so true he's either hot or cold. I really would've put money on italy, had a real feeling about it last night, and they were good. Hopefully spain don't steal it from them because they really have been average and I'm so bored of their gay football winning everything including all the plaudits. Either way we do have a good defence if John terry is taken out the mix anyway.

by travellingjoe

Oh dear; i guess your Dad was right afterall. I was watching the wrong match. There's me thinking that Terry had been selected to be the anchor man and had done a 1st class job. Best English back in the premiership. Poor old GD is losing it........I don't think so!!! Keep the photos coming Joe. GD.

by GM&GD

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