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Day 105 – Monday 7th May

Finally leaving Xi’an today! So after not going to bed last night, due to getting home very late last night, I spent the first half an hour of my day trying to wake Greg up so we wouldn’t miss our train. And after he eventually realized the severity of how late he was we rushed off downstairs to get a taxi to the station in the middle of rush hour, 30 minutes behind schedule! So after accepting we were going to miss this train, all we had to do was sit through traffic and wait to see how late we would be. By some absolute miracle, we made it to the train station in time and managed to catch our train with seconds to spare. Today we are taking a 15 hour train to Yichang, home of the 3 gorges dam, which is the largest structure of human engineering on the planet. It’s basically a huge hydro electrical dam in the middle of one of China’s biggest rivers. Anyway, after managing to just catch the train, we sat down and slept for a while, and played some cards, then had some food and eventually watched a film. I managed to finally finish a book I started way back when I arrived in the Andamans, I’ve been so busy since then that I just haven’t had the time to read it and it’s nice to get it out the way. After we eventually made it to Yichang, I dropped my bag off and we found an internet café open in the station (arrived at 1am, so nothing was open) and this is where we will spend the night before seeing the dam tomorrow.

Day 106 – Tuesday 8th May

Had a nice little sleep last night (not!). After spending a good few hours passing the time on the internet, I eventually passed out on their sofas at around 5ish, then woke up at 7 with my nose dribbling all over the sofa. I know that’s an overshare, but the last 2 days of no sleep and the seemingly endless amounts of snot and phlegm that come as a side effect of just being in China and its pollution led to this horrible awakening. As if I wasn’t dirty enough already from the long train ride and not being able to shower or get changed, I had snot all over my shirt as well, brilliant. Anyway, moving swiftly on, we got going to the bus stop just outside and hopped on a 1 and a half hour bus to go see this epic feat of engineering. Luckily it was really foggy today so we could barely even see the bloody thing, well worth the 15 hour detour! And after spending a good 3 hours trying to walk around to the North side of the dam, we just couldn’t make it. In China, anything remotely interesting is always surrounded by walls, which means you can’t see it and often there is no way to make it unless you’re on some kind of organized tour (which is always a rip off). So yeah, I can now say I’ve been to the 3 gorges dam but I haven’t seen it from both sides nor have I seen it very well from either side, was it worth it? Probably not, but I don’t regret it. So we got back on a bus to the train station to spend about an hour or so waiting for our next 16 hour train to Chengdu, fun times! We spent the first couple of hours on the train playing cards, then had a proper dinner in the restaurant and watched the Big Lebowski, classic stuff! Luckily, due to us having paid for dinner the conductors were happy to let us sleep in the food carriage which meant getting a whole table and seats to ourselves, rather than the usual shoddy 1 hard seat or no seat at all in the smelly, stuffed carriages.

Day 107 – Wednesday 9th May

So today we made it to Chengdu, the gateway to China’s Yunan province (supposedly one of the most beautiful in terms of epic landscapes and beautiful countryside). Chengdu isn’t actually in the Yunan but it’s a relatively big station and is a good place to start, plus there are a few cool things going on here. After getting in in the morning, we spent a good hour pissing around trying to find out how to get to our hostel, unfortunately the subway wasn’t open yet, cheers lonely planet for not making that obvious and leading us on a wild goose chase of following signs to nowhere. After we eventually got off our bus, we knew we were close, but we had no map so we spent a good 30 minutes asking loads of people and getting completely different answers every time. Anyway we eventually found our hostel which had only opened the week before, so was doing a special deal of only £1 a night! It’s brand new as well, so the place is super nice, it’s called Mr Panda, after Chengdu’s famous inhabitants! So where better to start than go and see the panda sanctuary. Unfortunately, we didn’t listen to the advice of Mr Panda who said that the pandas don’t do anything in the afternoon (normally people lie in order to get you to go on one of their overpriced organized tours instead!). Unfortunately he wasn’t lying and after making it to the sanctuary (2 buses and a lot of getting lost) all the pandas were inside for the afternoon to keep cool. It was still really cool to see so many pandas, but really you want to see them out and about playing around on their monkey bars and shit. But as I say, they were awesome, the older ones just sit around eating constantly, in order to survive on bamboo they have to eat for 15 hours a day or something ridiculous like that, so they just sit there munching on bamboo non-stop. Then the younger ones just play around all the time, jumping on each other, trying to get in to the picture, they are just the funniest animals and obviously so rare, so it was really cool. Got a few good pictures as well, as the guard was happy to take my camera and get some from close up. The maps for the sanctuary were completely useless however, so we spent ages to trying to find the particular areas, and we eventually had to leave as the park was closing. We then got lost again on the way home, having serious difficulty navigating around Chengdu, the place is a nightmare! When we got back to the hotel, we played a bit of shuffle board, effectively curling on a smaller scale and without ice, it’s a really fun game and I’ve never seen it before (check photos if you’re as clueless as I was.) and met another French guy, they seem to be everywhere in China. Then after having a few beers and hanging out with Sylvan (new French guy) I went on Skype for a bit and eventually made it to bed by around 3. The last 2 days have been fucking horrendous, managed to fit in a good 32 hours of train with no bed in between and I’ve seen the 3 gorges dam as well as some pandas, which is pretty cool. I’m now finally on the way (sorta) to the Yunan, which should be mind blowing! Pictures from Xi’an are now up as well, so make sure to check them out.

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3 days in Xi'an

Day 102 – Friday 4th May

May the 4th be with you! Had another very late start today, I can’t help myself! Once I got up around 4, Greg had just got back from doing some sightseeing, so we went out to go find this temple which looks relatively close on the map, but took a good 2 hours to find. On the way we saw a university football match, which was absolutely hilarious, Chinese people just can’t play very well, you’d assume they were 10 years old. Once we eventually found the temple, we sat around in the surrounding park watching all the old Chinese men flying their traditional kites, as the sun went down. On the way back, got to see the big pagoda next to us all lit up at night with waterfalls and fancy lights all around, it’s really nice, shame that literally all around there’s just sky rise buildings going up everywhere. China obviously has an accommodation problem, but you can’t walk 5 minutes without seeing another tower block going up, as if there aren’t enough already! Once we got back, I settled in for the night thinking we weren’t going out, but that quickly backfired and around 12 we decide to get ready to go. Then we get talking with a Chinese student who lives out in the west towards Mongolia, and he gave us a real insight in to what the real China is like, and he was like if anyone were to hear me right now I’d be put in prison for a long time, terrifying! So we decided to invite him out, and he pretended not to speak Chinese so everyone thought he was with us and he got all the free drinks that no normal Chinese person would get. I feel bad coming to his country and everyone treats us like gods giving us free stuff, yet he has to work super hard and gets nothing! Although we did give him a great night and he was so happy, and seemingly it was one of the best nights of his life. Got back around 5, got to get up to go see the Terracotta warriors tomorrow (that should go well!).

Day 103 – Saturday 5th May

After getting up at 12 today (eugh) got showered, and got on our way to the train station to get a bus out to the warriors. Unfortunately, the pollen seemed to be really bad today so I had super puffy eyes all day and my nose was running all day, hay fever is not fun on holiday. I think the pollution here in China makes it worse as well, you can barely see far at all even on a good day, it’s nuts! Once we made it to the warriors, we started off with the museum, and then moved on to the 2 smaller exhibitions (which weren’t particularly impressive) before heading off to the big room, saving the best till last. It was a brilliant idea, you walk in and you see rows of these life size models, everyone with different facial expressions, thousands of them and thousands more to be unearthed. The whole thing is just mind blowing, no idea how they managed to build and keep these things for so many years! The whole thing was much better than I was expecting, and it would be interesting to go back in a few years to see how many more they’ve managed to unearth, as there should be millions underground. Eventually we had to move on as they closed, and 2km down the road there’s the great emperor Qing’s tomb, which is incredible. He was buried under a 100m tall pyramid made out of earth, so it looks like an out of place hill, and inside there’s said to be rivers of mercury, millions of diamonds and tons of other riches. On top of that there are loads of people buried alive in there, so that no secrets could get out. The whole thing is supposedly Indiana Jones style, and there are tons of traps to negotiate to get in, so no one has ever managed to get in, but I guess that makes it all the more intriguing. After spending a couple of hours sitting on the top of the hill having a few beers, the security guards found us and we got kicked out. Unfortunately one of the policemen told us that there were no more buses (shit!) but luckily he gave us a lift to the nearest town where we could get a bus. What a stroke of luck, otherwise we would’ve had to spend the night on the street. Anyway, after buying our train tickets on the way back we made it to the hostel around 11 and after some food we got ready to go out. Everyone now knows who we are, and we’re the only 2 white people so it’s hard for them to miss us, which means we are getting more and more free drinks every day. Life is going well. After spending a few hours here, we got going as the receptionist is waking us up at 7 tomorrow to take us to see a Chinese mass, doubt I’ll make it out of bed for that!

Day 104 – Sunday 6th May

Today overall went pretty badly. After the receptionist came to get us up, I couldn’t make it out of bed (it was only 2 hours after we’d made it back) so pissed I missed it, it sounded crazy. Basically due to the repression in this country, being an open protestant is out of question so she’s set up a church for around 40 locals in her block of flats, and every Sunday they spend 2 hours singing and hiding from the Police. She also said that if she was to ever get caught it would be camp for life, crazy that such an advanced country can still employ such backwards techniques! Once Greg got back and told me all about it, we got going out, and I headed off to the museum as he headed off to some temple in the North of the city (as he’s already seen the museum). Once I got there, however, due to it being a Sunday you had to pay and I had no money. And after trying a host of different machines and getting constantly rejected, I gave up. On top of that, Chinese tourists were out in numbers (as it’s their only day off) so I was getting stopped every 2 seconds for a bloody picture. Every now and again you hear footsteps running behind you, then a group of like 6 Chinese girls turn up asking for a photo, and they take it in turns to take the picture so they all make it in. It’s funny the first time but it just gets so frustrating, and it seems to happen way more when I’m alone, being blond seems to make them go crazy. So I came back to the hostel and spent a couple of hours just chilling out, then I had a rendezvous with Greg at 6 at a temple in the middle of town. After he turned up late, we couldn’t get in and he’d spent the morning lost at the North of the city, walking around for 3 hours and hadn’t seen either of the temples he went to see. So we went off to the Muslim district which is in the middle of the city, it’s supposed to have really good food, but due to us being stupid and desperate we ate at McDonalds on the way. What a big mistake! Anyway we went off walking and saw the 2 big towers and the mosque all at night which was really nice. After a couple of hours of walking around, we headed back to the hostel to catch the 2 football games. That went fucking badly! Moving on, it eventually got to 2am (French election results) and we all know how that went, France is now a socialist country, absolutely unbelievable! How fucking stupid must the French public be to elect a man who has never held any position in government and has never attended an EU conference, and not to mention he’s a complete clown and a bloody socialist! Needless to say Greg was very pissed and he spent a good hour and a half venting, then we went out, and the club closed pretty much as soon as we arrived, all in all a very bad day.

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Off to Xi'an

Day 99 – Tuesday 1st May

Got up at 8 today to get going on a tour at 9 to see some of the surrounding sites around Pingyao. The first stop was some old Chinese family’s house/castle type thing. Don’t really know what its official title is, but long story short it was just a ton of inter-connecting courtyards and endless rooms. The whole thing was pretty impressive, but it got pretty repetitive after a while, and I was happy to leave once we eventually got going. At the moment its spring and I think it’s the willow trees which shed all this white fluffy pollen all over the place, so when it’s windy you get this crap all over you. And the castle had a load of it, so you couldn’t walk 5 minutes without getting it all over you; it’s as if it’s snowing! Afterwards, we got going to the main attraction of the day; the underground castle. After a quick lunch, we got going with our Chinese tour guide (hilarious English accent included) to go see what all the hype was about. Unfortunately, the word castle doesn’t best describe the site, it turned out to be a load of tunnels with nothing in particular to see. Yes, the tunnels were quite cool (especially considering they were built in the 7th century), but I was expecting an underground palace so I was very let down. After this, we decided to skip the last sight and head straight back to the hostel, due to being absolutely knackered. Once we got back, I spent a good 2 hours writing the blog, then we got going to the train station. This time we came a lot better prepared for our standing journey, we bought 10 beers, 2 big bottles of water and some food. Once we got on the train, we put my bag down by the door and sat on that, and set up the laptop on top of the case of beers and watched a couple French films, it was awesome. Got a good picture of it as well! After a couple of hours and once all the beers were done, I slept on the bag and Greg managed to find a spare seat to sleep on, getting in to Xi’an at 6 tomorrow morning.

Day 100 – Tuesday 2nd May

Wow, 100 days down! This morning, got woken up by a huge queue of Chinese people trying to get off the train (I was blocking the door sleeping on my bag) so I had to grab everything and try and get out the way. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to go except off the train, then once I got off I found out we were actually at Xi’an, could’ve quite easily missed it otherwise! So I left all the bags on the platform and barged past everyone trying to find Greg to make sure he was up and ready to get off, luckily he was already up and on his way out! Suffice to say it was a very rude awakening! After this, we waited outside the station for our pick up to the hostel, and luckily bumped in to a random guy who used to work at the hostel and gave them a call to make sure someone was on their way. Luckily, someone turned up after about 20 minutes and the guy gave us a free lift to the hostel, otherwise we would’ve had to get the bus in the middle of rush hour. So after a couple of strokes of pretty good fortune, we made it here and checked in by about 9, then I went straight to bed until about 6pm. Then I got up and showered and went and had some amazing noodles fried on a wok in the street, just round the corner from the hostel. Then we went for a little walk around to see what was in the area, then had some more food and came back here to sleep before the French presidential debate (starting at 3am). Couldn’t sleep due to the late wake up, so I just sat on the internet for a while, then we watched the debate. It was pretty feisty, but Sarkozy didn’t really come out massively on top so overall it was relatively disappointing, and it didn’t finish till about 6 in the morning, looking like France is going to be socialist with a clown as a President.

Day 101 – Wednesday 3rd May

After going to bed so late last night, I didn’t get up until about 4 today, so the day was done and I didn’t go and visit any of the sights. Greg had already got up and left at around 11, so I just sat around the hostel for a couple hours and went and grabbed some food. Spent a couple more hours pissing around here, then around 8 we got going to see the night life here in Xi’an. On the way, we got some food and some drinks, but it took us a good 2 hours after that just to find the bloody club (the biggest in Xi’an) yet no one knew where it was. Once we eventually found it, it was well worth the wait, a massive club with awesome music and cool laser lights and shit. The best thing about clubs in China is you have a load of rich Chinese guys who buy like 40 beers and loads of bottles of spirits (in order to show off their wealth) yet they can’t drink! So you get offered drinks left right and centre, so we ended up getting a good £100 worth of drinks for free! We spent a good 4 hours partying the night away, then eventually got going on the long walk home around 4. Fortunately, this time we knew the right way home so it only took half an hour to make it back (after stopping off at a 24hour KFC on the way). Then we got to bed around 5, another bloody late night, not sure if I’m ever going to manage to get out of bed in time to see any of Xi’an while I’m here, ah well, temples are all the same anyway!

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Back on track, Pingyao time!


Day 96 – Saturday 28th April

So we got in to Pingyao, eventually, by train at around half 7 this morning. After a bit of hassle with the hostel over booking, due to us having not arrived by train the day before due to missing it, we eventually got put in the room. Literally put my bag down and fell face first on to the bed, and tried to sleep as long as I could, but due to the stupid bar downstairs playing ridiculously loud 60s US music, couldn’t really get that much. Pingyao is an ancient Chinese city surrounded by walls, and has the best preserved city walls in China, so the whole place feels really authentic and just walking down the street you really feel like you’re in the old China, and not the new over commercialized capitalist version. Unfortunately, it’s a big holiday in China at the moment so there are a shit ton of tourists, and as the roads are so small you literally can’t even walk down the street through the crowds of Chinese tourists. The weirdest thing is the fact that they act like such tourists, taking pictures every 10 seconds and buying all the tat that’s on offer, despite the fact that they’re in their own country. The most frustrating thing (which has been happening ever since I got to China) is that they all want a picture with you, and the fact that I’m white and I’ve got blond hair gets them all going and you’re stopped all the time with ‘photo, photo’. I feel like a bloody celebrity, and I now understand why the bitch so much about it, you can’t walk 10 metres without someone wanting a picture with you, it’s crazy! So, after finding the haven of a pool bar we spent about an hour playing, then went to get a crate of beer. Unfortunately all the roads look the same so we got lost pretty quickly having to carry this bloody heavy crate around. Luckily we fell upon another French guy who’s travelling across China by bike (yeah I know, nuts!) who duly showed us the way. We then spent the rest of the evening drinking and talking, mainly about politics, due to France’s situation of being on the verge of turning socialist at the moment, which would be a complete disaster! Then around 11 we went out to get some food, and afterwards me and Greg came back to drink a few more beers and watch some crap on the internet, then hit the hay.

Day 97 – Sunday 29th April

Got woken up so early today by the bloody music in the bar downstairs, lay in bed until about 12 just trying to block out fucking constant Bob Dylan! Once I finally got out of bed, Greg’s sitting there watching the most recent debate between the 2 French candidates, unbelievable how useless Hollande the socialist is, unbelievable to think he’s winning in the polls and might actually run France. Due to his high frustration levels with watching this clown, we had to start drinking pretty much straight away. After a couple beers we went to meet up with the French guy from yesterday, and we the proceeded to spend the afternoon taking in this amazing place. Despite the large number of tourists, it is still possible to enjoy the real traditional beauty of this little town, especially when the weather is perfect, as it was today. Everything just looks so beautiful; you’re constantly running in to temples and gates all over the shop. After a few hours of bar hopping and enjoying the sunshine, we went to the train station to get our ticket to Xi’an. Unfortunately, we could only get a standing ticket again, it’s just not a good time to be trying to get around China at the moment seemingly. Fortunately it’s only an 8 hour train so it shouldn’t be as horrific as last time, and we’ve learnt a couple of lessons (don’t help out old men who eventually end up taking the piss!). Then we went back to the town and met an old Chinese man who spoke pretty good English, after reading through a text book his daughter had given him (which was about 50 years old) and talking to random tourists. After chatting with him a bit, we took him out for dinner and had a couple more beers and sang him some French songs then went our separate ways. Me and Greg then came back to the hostel and watched a classic French comedy which we had downloaded earlier, luckily we’re in a different room now and won’t be woken up by the bloody music tomorrow morning.

Day 98 – Monday 30th April

Can’t believe April has come to an end, in this month I’ve been on the Andaman Islands, mainland India for a bit, China and North Korea! It feels like a life time ago that I was in India, it really has been a fucking good month, and one I will never forget. After a very late night last night, I slept in quite late today, and once we eventually got up we decided to go and see some of the temples around town. After negotiating the ridiculous crowds we eventually got to a Taoist temple, which is supposed to be very amazing. Unfortunately, you had to buy an all-round pass for all the temples in Pingyao which cost a bit too much for me and I don’t really have so much interest in seeing a ton of temples. So we went our separate ways, and I headed back to the hostel to spend a good 3 hours polishing off the North Korea blog. It felt so good to finally get it out the way, I’m sorry for the lateness guys but it was a good 9000 words and I’ve been moving around loads and now that I’m travelling with someone I never really have any alone time to write the blog. I then spent a couple of hours trying to upload as many pics as I could, and went on Skype for a bit, I’ve been out of contact for ages seemingly. Then Greg got back from the temples and proceeded to tell me how amazing they were and how I really should’ve seen them etc. ah well! Then we went out for dinner and came back and watched another classic French film, so fun to watch these films which me and Ber used to watch on repeat when we were younger, really takes me back. I then spent another couple of hours on Skype speaking to Pops and Greg (English one) and eventually got to bed very late. Today was a very good day, feels like I got such a big weight off my shoulders getting through the blog and catching up with people, from now on I should have time to be on top of it all and get the updates coming out every 3 days like before.

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Last week in Beijing


Day 88 – Friday 20th April – Day 91 – Monday 23rd April

After I got back from the DPRK, with my new found freedom, I went a bit too hard and got very drunk every night and went out clubbing, and was waking up past 5pm each day, so rather than give you details of what bars I went to and what crap music I listened to, I’ll just leave it at that. I had a a very good time, but it was all spent very hung over, or drinking!

Day 92 – Tuesday 24th April

So after spending the last few days in bed, me and Greg (a French guy I met before North Korea, then met up with again once he got back) decided to go to the wall with 3 other French girls I’d met a couple of nights before. We got up nice and early and hit the road, but due to the weather (it was pissing it down) Me and Greg thought it would be pointless to go as the visibility would be awful and it would be a generally, wet and miserable day. As it was the girls last day they felt they had to go, but we’ll go another day. However, as we were up we decided to go to the museum of China, and after looking around the exhibitions of the very old dynastyies (boring) we went to the Mao section to see the sort of propaganda they feed the Chinese. Unfortunately, despite the entire museum being translated into English, they decided to leave this section completely in Chinese, which suffice to say was bloody frustrating! It obviously means it’s all bullshit, and therefore something I would love to read. Then, due to the absolutely horrible weather, I gave up, and came back to the hotel to sleep. Then when I got up, we went to go have the best pizza in Beijing, and it really was fucking good, and massive! The main reason we went was they do free refills from 5-8 on Tuesday nights, so we forced down as many beers as we could and ate some awesome pizza! After this, I came back to go to bed for a bit in order to be fresh for the Chelsea match (kick off at 3am our time). Greg was too tired, so I went with this other French guy Damien who I’d met a few days before, and holy shit what a good game! And to be watching it in a Mexican bar in the middle of Beijing with a load of Chelsea and Barca fans was really good fun. But genuinely it was one of the best matches ever! Afterwards I went back to bed to get up in a couple of hours to try and go to the wall tomorrow.

Day 93 – Wednesday 25th April

After just not being able to get up for my alarm at 7, we decided to give the great wall a miss today, and instead do it tomorrow. After a very long lie in, I went to my favourite restaurant on the corner, where I pretend to look at the menu as if I know what’s going on, and then just point to something at random. I think they know what’s going on; I’ve been at least once every day I’ve been in Beijing (overall about 10 days) they always smile and giggle a little bit when I point to what I want. After this I met up with Job, a Dutch guy who I’d met before the DPRK who was trying to find a new life in Beijing, fortunately in the week I left him he did manage to find an apartment which was good. I’ve spent the last few days seeing him, but we’ve both been drinking, and it was nice to have a normal chat as I probably won’t see him again before I leave. I seemed to make so many contacts in Beijing, I’d love to go back and stay with a few of the people, it’s just nice to feel completely at home somewhere and know where all the best bars and restaurants are and stuff like that. Then, once Greg got back from seeing some temple, we went to the Summer palace, which is a ton of palaces and temples set around a lake with beautiful mountains overlooking all of it. Luckily, we got there around sunset so the views were just incredible! After spending a few hours walking around there, we hopped on the Metro to the Olympic park. Bloody hell, they did an awesome job, the stadiums are incredible, and it really made me want to go to see the Olympics in London! Then we came back here and played a few games of pool and went to bed relatively early (1am) in order to get up early tomorrow to see the Great wall, finally!

Day 94 – Thursday 26th April

Today was definitely the most stressful, tiring and difficult day I’ve had so far! So we got up nice and early this morning and headed off to the bus station to get to the wall (rather than pay an extortionate fee to go on a tour we decided to try and go it alone). After about an hour, we knew it must almost be time to get off, but we didn’t have a clue because you go only go so far by bus, then you have to get a taxi the rest of the way. So eventually at one of the bus stops a guy sees we are white and jumps on to try and sell us a minibus, but one of the old ladies at the front literally grabs him and throws him off and says she’ll tell us when to get off. And she did, a few stops later, and somehow there was a minibus there and waiting and for a ridiculous price, she has to be the nicest person I’ve met in China so far. So we got to the wall, and after a short climb up, we were there on what has to be one of the most famous sites in the world, and fucking hell it is incredible! It’s incredible to think that something that long was built so long ago, the whole thing is just mind blowing, you see it going on for miles. We managed to climb on to a couple of the towers as well which was pretty cool, and I can now say I pissed on the great wall as well, which isn’t half bad. After a few hours of walking around, we decided to head back to the hostel to get ready for our train to Pingyao later on. So we left the hostel with a good hour to make it to the train, unfortunately the metro station isn’t that close to the actual train station. So with my two big bags I had to run for a good 15 minutes (bear in mind I’d spent a good 3 hours walking on the wall earlier) which absolutely killed me! So we got to the station completely drenched in sweat and my legs in more pain than I’ve ever been in my entire life, with 4 minutes to spare. Unfortunately they close the gate to the platform 5 minutes before the train leaves and the cunt ticket man wouldn’t let us through, so we had to sit there and watch the train leave. God, never been so frustrated in my entire life, thank God I wasn’t alone because I would’ve gone crazy! So we went downstairs to the ticket hall and managed to get our tickets changed for tomorrow, unfortunately there were no more seats left so we’ve got a 12 hour standing ticket ahead of us tomorrow, should be fun! After getting back to the hostel and having to check in again, I took a well deserved shower and headed straight to the bar with a few others for a big piss up for our last night. After drinking in the usual place, ‘Heaven supermarket’ (a supermarket which purely sells alcohol, literally 100 different kinds of beer and vodka and gin and everything you could imagine, including Cuban cigars). We went out to a club for a few hours and got back way too late (meaning it was light) and hit the hay for a bloody well deserved sleep!

Day 95 – Friday 27th April

Had to get up at 11:30 today in order to check out, eugh! We decided to try and go to the train station to see if we could get our tickets changed, but due to it being a national holiday at the moment having a ticket at all is lucky enough. So we headed back to the hostel and spent a few hours pissing about playing pool and listening to music, this time we left with 2 hours to spare for the train. So we got to the station in plenty of time and stocked up on beer for the long ride ahead, then got in the ridiculously long queu for the train. Once we got on, we found a place to drop the bags and then some old man came and sat on our bags, so we had no chance of a seat. Due to politeness and the fact that he was old I left him alone, when I really should have told him to fuck off and get a seat while I could. Chinese culture dictates that you have to spit all the time and wherever the fuck you like and eat horrible smelling foods all the time, so the experience of standing in the middle of this horribleness wasn’t great. After finishing off all the beers, Greg managed to get himself a seat, whereas I just gave up and sat on the floor. Then, after buying some noodles and going to the toilet, I come back and the forementioned old man was half way through the packet, unbelievable! Eventually I just asked him to get off my bag, and then I found out that due to his huge bag leaning on the tap, my bag was completely soaked in water, I almost punched this fucking guy. But I was way too tired and with only 3-4 hours to go, I just laid down on my wet bag and got as much sleep as I could. All in all it was an absolutely horrible journey!

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